EMHS student is Changing Expectations
October 4, 2017

EMHS – Johnny Phifer; a junior at Eastside Memorial Early College High School was selected as a participant in the ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ Coding Makerspace program occurring at the historic Carver Museum in East Austin.

The Saturday seminars meets on alternate Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and is led by local teachers, technical experts from Dell Computers and other local companies. The students are broken into workgroups of some 2 to 3 students per group and work on projects such as circuitry, computer programming and other hand’s on problem solving activities. Volunteers from the UT Blazers also assist in group work.

The Coding Makerspace program is sponsored by Changing Expectations; a community based program aimed at introducing coding, computer programming and robotic design activities to young men of color in the greater Austin area. Changing Expectations is led by Phillip Eaglin, PhD, a former middle and high school science teacher. According to Dr. Eaglin, the organization’s aim is to expose more STEM related activities to young men of color; who are under-represented in the field of technology, cyber-security, and engineering.

The participants in the Saturday program have an opportunity for use of free laptop to take home, free Wifi use at home and $300 for attending the Saturday sessions. Other sessions are scheduled for October, November and December. Additional opportunities are also available for students to apply for internships, travel to conferences and receive mentoring from Huston Tilloston University computer science majors.

Eastside Memorial Represents District 3 on Austin City Youth Council
September 26, 2017

EMHS - 5 students enrolled at Eastside Memorial Early College High School are currently representing District 3 on the Austin Youth Council; with Junior Phoibe Usabimana as the elected official serving on the dais for the district.

The Austin Youth Council was formed in 2011 by former Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell and the city council members by way of resolution. According to the records, the Youth Council was created to get youth more formally involved in civic engagement.

The Youth Council is designed as a representative general assembly with elected officials to lead each of the districts within city and county boundaries. The students who make up the council maybe from AISD, RRISD, DVISD, LISD, PfISD, Charter Schools, Private Schools and Parochial Schools. EMHS students who are serving for the 2017-2018 school year include Clara Herrera, Joseph Ramirez, Lisa Herrera, Phoibe Usabimana, and Eleazar Dushimimana. Lisa Herrera is serving for the 2nd consecutive year as a member of the Youth Council.

The Youth Council meets monthly and meetings are currently held at City Hall, similar to the Austin City Council. Students discuss topics ranging from city budgeting for city parks, teen homelessness and food pantry distributions. Students meet with their city council representatives and they also hear from other officials such as police and city planners. Service to the Austin Youth Council represents an opportunity for students to engage with peers from other schools and give them a unique perspective about issues that affect the Austin youth community.

EMHS has had representation on the council since the 2015-2016 school year. The campus advisors for EMHS council members are Rosalinda Rodriguez and Dr. Sanford Jeames. Rodriguez sponsors Student Council at EMHS and Jeames is Coordinator of the Health Science program at Eastside Memorial.

Career Directions for EMHS Health Science Students
September 26, 2017

Eastside Memorial - 6 students enrolled in the Eastside Memorial Early College High School Health Science program began their college and career plans with early enrollment in classes at Austin Community College during the fall semester. Seniors Leah Rodriguez, Jose Guerrero, and Ahmed Baban Newzad are taking classes to receive their certifications as Emergency Medical Technicians and juniors Phoibe Usabimana, Pricilla Mendez and Clara Herrera are working towards their certifications in the Pharmacy Tech program. Students are taking classes such as Medical Terminology, Student Success for Healthcare Professionals and Introduction to Pharmacology course. The EMT course is a one year program and Pharmacy will take two years to complete.

Students are currently taking courses in the Allied Health Professional program at the ACC Eastview campus as part of their acceptance into the ACC Health Science Academy program. The Health Science Academy is an effort of ACC to provide early courses and trainings for high school students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare occupations. The students from EMHS applied to the Health Science Academy program during the spring semester of the previous school year and had to pass the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSI) and complete the application process for consideration for acceptance into the Health Science Academy program. Students will receive grades at both high school and college level as part of the dual credit program agreement between AISD and ACC. Students take afternoon classes at ACC on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students will be taking classes during the fall and spring semesters and begin clinical internships next summer.

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